The Tola is still used in countries such as India, Pakistan, and Nepal as a denomination of gold and precious metals. Pakistan Gold Rates (by: Karachi Saraf Jewelers Association) [Gold 24K per 10 Grams] Rs. It has been generally accepted as 11.7 grams, but many Indian jewelers have round ed it down to 10 grams – which makes calculations simpler to use and understand. The answer is 0.08. Tola in PK is a standard unit for measuring the precious metals. Gram to Tola [Pakistan] converter online tool to convert Gram to Tola [Pakistan]. The page is updated on daily basis as per the rates provided by the Saraf Jewelers Association of different cities such as Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, … 1 kilogram is equal to 80 tola [Pakistan], or 1000 gram. Find out with Gram to Tola [Pakistan] conversion table. These Prices are Live prices, provided by the local Gold and Silver markets. How to convert 182 Gram to Tola [Pakistan]? How many tola [Pakistan] in 1 gram? Available according to New_York (America) time (GMT-04:00). Now a days gold is weighed in gram. The official currency of Pakistan is the Pakistani Rupee. Available according to Karachi (Asia) time (GMT+05:00). The jewellery-making being my ancestral profession I'm best eligible to answer this question. Read more: Gold rate Rs114,300 per tola in Pakistan on January 5 Meanwhile, 10 grams of 22k gold was traded for Rs91.635 with one tola of 22k gold being traded at Rs106.882. We assume you are converting between tola [Pakistan] and gram. Today Silver Rate in Pakistan is Rs. 112,878 It is misunderstood that one tola is equal to 10 grams. Tola (12.5 g) Gold Rates in America. 1,627 for 1 Tola. 1,396 for 10 Grams, and Rs. You can view more details on each measurement unit: tola [Pakistan] or gram The SI base unit for mass is the kilogram. According to statistics from GoldBarsWorldwide, the 10 Tola gold bar sold more than 40 million units to India alone between 1990 and 2002, with millions more sold to Pakistan and neighbouring countries. One Tola in gold can be 10 grams or 11.7 grams – make sure you check. Tola (PK) in US is a standard unit for measuring the precious metals. The current price of 12k Tola in Pakistani rupee. 1 Tola Gold Rate In Pakistan – Check gold price in Pakistan today for 1 Tola of 18K, 20K, 21K, 22K and 24K. The truth is one tola equals to 11.664 grams. The Tola is still popular in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Singapore. 96,776 [Gold 24K per Tola] Rs. Price of silver worldwide is determined by London Bullion Market Association, larger banks and bullion traders. Tola (12.5 g) Gold Rates in Pakistan (Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar). The current price of Tola (PK) (24k, 22k, 23k, 21k, 20k, 18k) in US Dollar. The rupee can be spelled in numeros ways in the country, and large amounts of the currency can be counted in large values such as thousands, lakh (100,000), crore (1 million), Arab (1 billion) and Kharab (100 billion). Rates in Pakistan. How many Tola [Pakistan] is 182 Grams?

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