Rückblick 2019; Rückblick 2017; Rückblick 2014 ; ITs Project Award. They also acquire skills that relate to claim management. These cookies are needed for a smooth operation of our website. Become an expert in the thriving field of Human-Computer Interaction and help to shape the way people interact with digital applications, products or … The students are taught to communicate their specialised knowledge and carry on discussions in an interdisciplinary manner. The students have knowledge of the tender and implementation phase in construction, with focus on the tender, allocation and calculation of building costs. The students train their rhetorical abilities with frequent presentations. Students get to know about the facts regarding environmentally-friendly construction. They become familiar with the basic principles associated with creating and assessing energy performance certificates. They obtain knowledge about building procedures and are able to overcome common problems and/or avoid them. The students acquire knowledge for assessing their efficiency and performance limits. Additionally, a rap was created warning … They possess the basic knowledge associated with the process that covers everything from the implementation of the structural designs to the creation of detailed solutions that can be used to integrate the system components and systems of a smart building and its interfaces into the associated infrastructure. They are introduced to techniques of representation and presentations. FH Salzburg. The lecture is supplemented with practice sessions with practical presentations and calculation examples. Based on this, they can develop complete solutions for the system of a smart building. Department of Computer Science Jakob-Haringerstr. The students would then be able to measure components and design them. T, Quality management and environmental management. Mitarbeit am FH-Studiengang für Holztechnik und Holzwirtschaft, Fachhochschule Salzburg GmbH, Standort Kuchl 1998 - 1999 Forschungsassistent am Institut für Mathematik, Universität Salzburg (FWF Projekt P12441-MAT, quasi-Monte Carlo Methoden). The students are now able to independently and successfully manage projects even with respect to quality assurance. Established in 2005 as research unit at the former ICT&S Center, currently approx. The OWS is conceived as a comprehensive programme, which comprises scholarships and special study expenses, ... (Uni Salzburg, Uni Innsbruck, FH Salzburg, MCI, FH … I teach web development (Javascript, Ruby on Rails, Postgres, git, Test Driven Development,...) hire lecturers and develop the curriculum. The students are competent to have a discussion on architecture projects and the built surroundings. The participants learn, within the framework of the courses, to appreciate and assess the required programmes and products. In addition to acquiring the ability to detect the networking options (with regard to a professional environment) associated with their field of study, they also become capable of detecting the ways in which their field of study can be utilised in their professional lives. Students learn how to evaluate and classify structurally defined and undefined systems. Used by DoubleClick (Google Tag Manager) to help identify the visitors by either age, gender or interests. It is organised in a manner that makes it possible to reach and document the stipulated goals in the prescribed period of time. They are also very well-acquainted with the manner in which the said systems are connected to smart grids, the function that they carry out within smart grids and the possible integration of e-mobility. In the foundations of Energy Technology the students learn about the spectrum of field of technology and are made familiar with the essential areas of classic energy technology and the newer regenerative energy generation. data privacy statement. The students are introduced, within the framework of the course, to matters associated with the displaying and the utilisation of building certificates. The emphasis is on the expertise that is acquired from the structural theory, as well as on the important aspects of project management. The students possess detailed knowledge about the latest products associated with the fields of construction technology and construction-related automation. They get to know the conventional systems, the innovative alternatives associated with technical building equipment and the components of the building equipment that are associated with the production, the distribution and the delivery or, as the case may be, the utilisation. In this course, topics that are covered in the course 'smart building' are illustrated and discussed by using best practice examples in domestic and international contexts. From the climatic factors arise connections from the draft and technical implementation in the planning, against the background of the dwindling fossil resources and a changeover to regenerative energy source systems. Die FH Salzburg ist stolz auf die erfolgreiche Entwicklung der Hochschule. The lecture imparts basic knowledge of building planning and its significance for building construction design to the students. In order to ensure this didactically, partial performances of different construction materials are required. Functional building design requirements, historical background and development of individual building typologies, implementing the surface structure/space allocation and utilisation plans in a building structure, resource and surface efficiency, efficiency requirements with respect to building designs, site influences on the building design, requirements from planning and construction work flows. They can generate the cutting principles and basic equations for expansion and bending rods and calculations of moment diagrams of statically defined systems. The Center for Human-Computer Interaction is an interdisciplinary research group at the University of Salzburg. This begins with project development, planning and construction operation, maintenance and ends with dismantling. Audio and TV, • focus on project work to qualify students for their future career, • individual choices within the curriculum help to … A big thank you for the big one Support #weforyou #studentsfhsalzburg … Construction and Building Technology Competences 1. The said topics and examples are, within the context of the general developments in the domain of smart building systems, discussed by the seminar group. The tasks in the company should be connected to the key course elements of the degree programme and should be carried out in line with the project. Studien-Info-Lounge am 2. The students know the basic principles of feedback control systems in supply engineering and are introduced to the control technology. The distribution process for using renewable energies is presented and analysed during the lecture. Students have a basic understanding of the architectural quality that the desire for a tangible, spatial structure and aesthetics must be expressed in addition to the pure function. This website uses cookies. Practice sessions with calculation examples supplement the theoretical knowledge. Zur Voranmeldung sende bitte ein E-Mail an: office.sem@fh-salzburg.ac.at oder einfach das Formular unten auf der Seite ausfüllen. They are also capable of identifying and mapping out the options and measures associated with the required reconstruction-related and developmental tasks. The students learn about automation systems to optimise operation and maintenance as well as their use for in-house and external monitoring. Approximately 385 staff and more than 900 external lecturers work across all Salzburg University of Applied Sciences locations: Campus Urstein Campus Kuchl, Uniklinikum Salzburg and Kardinal Schwarzenberg Klinikum. They can understand and operate the devices associated with the automation, their connection to a combined building-automation and building-management system and the interfaces between various software packages. Am 26.02.2021 startet der nächste Zertifikatslehrgang für Suchmaschinenmarketing an der FH Salzburg. In this module the students obtain knowledge regarding the aims, tasks and methods of information and knowledge management and are able to analyse different concepts/ perspectives. This module gives the students an overview of the system of jurisprudence associated with the construction sector. Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. A - 5412 Puch, Information Technologies & Systems-Management, Forest Products Technology & Timber Construction. You can also change them any time. FH Salzburg. The relevant technical, ecological and economic components are demonstrated to the students. They become familiar with the relevant specialist literature and research literature. They have basic knowledge in programming and are able to implement these practically for specific IT problems. They are capable of independently developing the primary structure, the building envelope, the construction and the geometrical arrangement. Wahlmodule Technik Wählen Sie 2 aus 4 Lehrveranstaltungen. Through this, they will become qualified points of contact in the planning of high-energy efficient buildings and are able to competently advise developers. In exercises through discussion, group work and the use of international case studies, practical examples are discussed. The course contents are illustrated through descriptions and discussions of current examples that emerged from practical experience. This accompanying seminar reflects and analyses topics and examples that are drawn from the course (the selected chapters dealing with smart building systems). Mag. This work enhances the students' practical and project management-oriented skills. In project II Smart Building, the students, on the basis of the results from project I, can develop a simplified design for a building and façade concept by specifying contextual parameters (building use, building project, location, climate). Second Connection MMP3 MultiMediaArt. The lecture is supplemented with practice sessions containing practical presentations and calculation examples. The students are familiar with the presentations and vocabulary in order to be able to communicate with other engineering disciplines. They learn the foundations of a holistic approach about all possible phases of the building life cycle. Course contents: Central projection, architectural arrangement, assigned normal breaks, ellipses, axonometric projection, cutting process. In the framework of this module the participants learn how to use and judge the relevant necessary programmes and products. Heating and humidification of a building due to inside influences such as people, PC, lighting or machines. You can redraw your consent to using these cookies at any time. The course contents are as follows: capital budgeting, financial planning, financing options, balance sheets and the terms that are commonly used in them, income statements, determination of the annual result and analysis of the annual financial statement. Furthermore, they are well-acquainted with the central aspects of the quality assurance and environmental management processes that are used in the construction industry. The course imparts the skills that make it possible to prepare, carry out and review the accounting-related tasks, as well as the skills that enable the students to correct prices and carry out and check the tasks associated with production invoices, partial invoices and final invoices. The also get an insight into project management and project development. Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. They can, within the framework of a structured and integrative planning process, develop design strategies and planning-related strategies. They are also capable of discussing new developments. Förderer; Rückblick; IKT Forum. They can assess the quality of resources and are skilled at network thinking. Mit dem Fokus auf Innovation in Forschung und Lehre sowie der internationalen Orientierung wird die FH Salzburg zur … Planning competencies as well as the use and integration of analogue and digital techniques are developed further. Discussions and presentations dealing with current issues from the fields associated with smart buildings, energy technology and sustainability, expansion of subject-specific vocabulary, description of trends, processes, effects, role-playing games, presentations. They are in a position to determine constructive structures and joining principles of buildings and thus understand the dependencies between construction, form and design. The topics and contents are defined by the respective teachers, or in a collaborative process involving the students and the teachers. Alles zum Bachelorstudium Soziale Arbeit an der FH Salzburg: Anzahl der Studierenden, Dauer, Abschluss, Kosten, Studienplan, Voraussetzungen, Inhalt und Berufsfelder. Bootcamp; RaceCopter; it's TowerPower; Studium. The students are capable of assessing the environmental relevance of the production processes and products that are found in the construction industry and the field of architecture. FH-Professor at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, Salzburg, Österreich 410 Kontakte. Basic principles and in-depth knowledge about topics such as biomass, near-surface geothermal energy and active solar energy use (solar heat and photovoltaics) are imparted. Construction and Building Technology Competences 2. Differences between new constructions and existing constructions are shown. The students have sound knowledge to use instruments of building planning (according to planning law) as well as the regulations for permissibility of construction projects according to planning law. They are familiar with the important basic principles of internal and external communication, and can use the right instruments to facilitate such communication. The students are trained in the basic disciplines of the construction domain. projects; creators; login ; DI Brigitte Jellinek - Lecturer I am both a lecturer and the department head for web and mobile development. Alles zum Masterstudium Smart Buildings in Smart Cities an der FH Salzburg: Anzahl der Studierenden, Dauer, Abschluss, Kosten, Studienplan, Voraussetzungen, Inhalt und Berufsfelder. They know exemplary archetypes and patterns of architecture, can distinguish between them and know their history. Mit dem Fokus auf Innovation in Forschung und Lehre sowie der internationalen Orientierung wird die FH Salzburg zur … The lecture is supplemented with practice sessions containing practical presentations and calculation examples. The students become familiar with the basic principles associated with the ecology of the basic materials and the construction materials, and receive an overview of the subject of social sustainability. Email: tanja.fritsche@fh-salzburg.ac.at, FH Salzburg They have a basic understanding of structural designs and the manner in which they can be realised, such that it becomes possible to implement smart systems in existing structures and building structures. Tel: +43-(0)50-2211-1022 They develop their social competence and their ability to work in a team in the obligatory teamwork. This elective Building Physics module gives the students the foundation of room and architectural acoustics, for example how sound perception, sound transmission as well as sound insulation and sound absorption are imparted inside buildings. They develop an understanding of the general planning principles and their effects on the indoor environment quality and the ecological and economic quality. In addition, they have an understanding of the correlations and structures in the construction industry. The students have an in depth understanding for using a more methodical approach and tools when planning building projects. The students learn how to carry out interdisciplinary, application-oriented projects, supported by computers, for various trade disciplines – heating/air-conditioning/electrical engineering, focusing heavily on the preparation of construction, building and operation documentation. This is the basis that governs the collaboration with the various players involved in such scenarios. Eine Voranmeldung für den Digital Expert Lehrgang 2021 ist ab sofort möglich. The students are introduced to the detailed calculation. Scientific and engineering-oriented basic principles 1. The lecture is supplemented with practice sessions containing practical presentations and calculation examples. The lecture is supplemented with practice sessions containing practical presentations and calculation examples. The students acquire the skills associated with the processes of creating and checking revised tenders.

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