Approaches to solving the issues of seamless integration of production, logistics and transport are also developed. continuation of independent research activities (NMR spectroscopy), Clemens-Schöpf-Institut at TU Darmstadt, Darmstadt, (with Prof. M. Reggelin) 05/07 – 07/07 teaching appointment, University of Dortmund, Dortmund 2010 call for full professorship in analytical chemistry, University of Bremen (declined) and offer from TU Darmstadt (accepted) fax +49 6151 16-20087, Work Herbert Schulz. 1968-1978 Professor Dr.-Ing. Contact. Darmstadt, work +49 6151 82297497 Façade Roadmap. The other body is the Spokesperson Council, which includes four other professors alongside the Spokesperson and Deputy Spokespeople. Eberhard Abele . Our central research theme is the creation of such microbial cell factories. Carl Stromberger succeeded Prof. Roessler as the chairman of the institute. Prof. Dr.Johannes Kabisch . 1976, studierte Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen der Fachrichtung Maschinenbau an der TU Darmstadt und an der Université Montesquieu Bordeaux IV. Façade Roadmap. Our group is interested in elucidating how the mammalian (epi)genome is maintained throughout cell divisions and how the epigenetic information is translated into spatial chromatin structure and activity during differentiation, reprogramming and disease. Founder of the learning factories “CIP” and “ETA” at the campus of TU-Darmstadt. 2005 Promotion in Psychologie (Dr. Prof. Dr.-Ing. S 1|15 110 +49 6151 16-24 001 Professor Abele’s scientific innovations have been set down in 200 publications, 4 reference books and numerous patents. Joachim Metternich, since 2012Professor Metternich took over the newly created Chair of Production Management and Intralogistics in September 2012, besides being the Institute’s Deputy Manager. TU Darmstadt and the PTW An Engine for Innovation 3 | June 14th & 15th 2017 | Institute for Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools | Prof. Dr.-Ing. Institute of Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools. We have open positions for Bachelor / Master / Diploma students, PhD students, Post-Docs, and Research Students (Miniforscher). Professorship and Group Leadership Name Working area(s) Professorship: Prof. Dr. Carsten Binnig Data Management: Prof. Christian Bischof, Ph.D. Scientific Computing, Director of the HRZ (University Computer Centre) : Prof. Sebastian Faust, Ph.D. Address. Façade Roadmap. (2013): 20 Years of High Speed Machining – Still Improvement? Applied Cryptography This paper presents a machine learning approach to generate a 15 minutes forecasting model of the electric load for the ETA research factory at TU Darmstadt on a factory level. E. Abele / Prof. Dr.-Ing. The energy demand for cooling applications in German industry accounts for a significant share of the overall electric energy demand. In: Tagungsband R590, Würzburg, In: FVV Herbsttagung, Würzburg, S. 37-70, [Konferenzveröffentlichung] Vormwald, Michael (Hrsg.) In: Physics of Fluids, (2), 32. Moreover, various studies show that industrial cooling systems in Germany offer high energy efficiency and flexibility potentials. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Prof. Franke J. Bastian J. M. Etzold Technische Universität Darmstadt Professur für Technische Chemie 1 Address: Alarich-Weiss-Straße 8, Postfach 10 06 36, 64287 Darmstadt, Germany Heinz-Peter Schiffer 727 Beyond Ni-Base Superalloys: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wir entwickeln Technologien mit Begeisterung weiter, stellen sie in den Kontext betrieblicher Abläufe und befähigen Menschen zum erfolgreichen Handeln im Umfeld der Produktion. Darmstadt. Sabine Crook is available for the organisation of the profile areas as the Coordinator. This cluster of innovation projects at TU Darmstadt funds two energy-related activities: one project on probabilistic power price predictions, especially for continuous intraday trading, and a project on short-term economic dispatch for flexible factories. His research work at the Institute focuses on Application-Oriented Methods of Lean Production, researched at the CiP process learning factory and taught to a wide range of participants from academic and industrial circles. Every year, hundreds of company employees in leading positions are trained in lean management and process-oriented production planning. 64287 Pioneering innovations are presented at the “AMB” trade fair in Stuttgart, in cooperation with the numerous industrial partners of the PTW at the special exhibition “Innovations for Tomorrow's Production”. Die Produktion der Zukunft steht im Fokus unserer Aktivitäten. It contains researchers from various disciplines from mathematics and engineering to medicine. Façade Roadmap Alnatura / Darmstadt Studio … Research at TU Darmstadt Student assistant at the chairs of Production Management and Technology (experimental research, tool wear-out, Prof. Abele) Technical Thermodynamics (Shear-stress induced flow, numerical evaporation research, Prof. Stephan) Numerical Methods (parallelisation of solution algorithm, CFD, HPC, Prof. Schäfer) Math. Since 1981 Schulz is editor of the journal “Werkstatt & Betrieb”. Ralph Bruder Vice President, TU Darmstadt 09:20 Conference opening Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wir suchen die besten Köpfe für die Produktion der Zukunft. Institute of Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools. With the relocation of the mechanical engineering department to the Petersenstr.30 in 1972, the institute enjoyed a drastic extension of its facilities. Based on data from the Mathematics Genealogy Project and some other sources, we have tried to compile the academic ancestors of the group. fax +49 6151 16-20087, Work Eberhard Abele. Darmstadt, work +49 6151 82297497 Prof. Abele wurde 1999 an den Lehrstuhl Produktionsmanagement, Technologie und Werkzeugmaschinen (PTW) an der TU Darmstadt berufen. The PTW has grown steadily in the research fields of cutting technology/machine tools and production management under his leadership. Sven Martin Kuhn, geb. Since 2006 Professor at TU Darmstadt, Chair of Fluid Systems and since 2013 Speaker of the Collaborative Research Centre 805. Abele, Eberhard; Schäfer, Dominik; Sieber, Marc Abele, Eberhard; Metternich, Joachim (Hrsg.) … Darmstadt University of Applied Science Institute for Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools (PTW) Prof. Dr.-Ing. S2|02 Raum E103 Hochschulstr. Moser, Simon ; Vormwald, Michael ; Beier, Heinz Thomas ; Erbe, Alexander ; Müller, Falk ; Kontermann, Christian ; Oechsner, Matthias (2019): Thermomechanische Ermüdung geschweißter Blechstrukturen –Erstellung eines Bemessungs- und Lebensdauerkonzepts mitRichtliniencharakter unter Berücksichtigung elastisch-plastischerDeformationen. Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. The first appointed chairman was Prof. Heinrich Krauß – soon to be succeeded by Prof. Dr. Dipl.- Ing. In the academic field of teaching, the courses were: mechanical technology, machine tools, construction and operation, as well as process oriented measuring and testing. Prof. Dr. Nina Keith. With the supervision of numerous research projects grew the demand on personnel. work +49 6151 16-20700. lambert.alff@tu-... Marion Bracke. Façade Roadmap. He also took over the journal “Werkstatt & Betrieb”. Cell Biology and Epigenetics Prof. Dr. M. Cristina Cardoso. phil. The software used is Genegrapher and eventually Graphpviz. If you are interested to join the group, please contact gerhard.birkl (at) physik.tu-darmstadt… E. Abele Institute Director Otto-Berndt-Strasse 2 64287 Darmstadt Germany Tel. L1|01 109 Peter Pelz. The research projects were fundamentally: 1904-1944 Professor Dipl.-Ing. Klingenberg, Dario ; Oberlack, Martin ; Pluemacher, Dominik (2020): Symmetries and turbulence modeling. 1980-2000 Professor Dr.-Ing. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Technical University of Darmstadt Advanced Thin Film Technology Prof. Dr. Lambert Alff. Publication Chairman University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (DE) International Program Committee. ETA Factory / Tu Darmstadt Prof Dr. Jens Schneider, Prof Dr. H. Gerecht, Prof Dr. E. Abele / TU Darmstadt Prof. J. Eisele Prof A. Joppin. Since 2015 Full Professor, TU Darmstadt, Department of Computer Science 2009 – 2015 Full Professor, RWTH Aachen University, Department of Computer Science Head of Parallel Programming, German Research School for Simulation Sciences, Aachen : 2006 – 2009 PATROCINADORES: Inclua sua … November 21st–22nd, 2017 | Darmstadt Technische Universität Darmstadt Institute of Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools (PTW) Prof. Dr.-Ing. The energy efficiency plant “eta”, currently in its planning stage with a total budget of more than € 15 million is intended to be a further pilot model for research and teaching and expected to show the future potential for energy saving by means of the “intelligent” combination of building technology and the machine level. Professor Abele is bringing a wealth of experiences to the development of research and teaching at the TUD from his 15 years of international work as Head of Production Planning, Technology Development and Plant Manager. High-Speed-Machining Conference/Konferenz 2021, Leitthema „Digitalisation in future machining“, work +49 6151 16-20102 Especially in high precision machining processes the control of uncertainty is an important key to ensure and even enlarge the product lifetime. TU-Biblio Prof. Dr. Ingo Sass: Materials and Earth Sciences/Geothermal Science and Technology: TU-Biblio Prof. Dr. Liselotte Schebek: Civil and Environmental Engineering Sciences/Material Flow Management and Resource Economy: TU-Biblio Prof. Dr. Dirk Schiereck: Law and Economics/Corporate Finance: TU-Biblio Prof. Dr.-Ing Jens Schneider L1|01 106 Quick access; Deutsch; Search; Login; Overview L1|01 109 Participating researchers: Prof. Dr.-Ing. L1|01 106 (2019): Abstr… Technische Universität Darmstadt +49 6151 / 16-22421 The foci were the development of sensors for the detection of the machine status: 1944-1968 Professor Dr.-Ing. Several new fields of research have been grounded on the experience of the Institute such as dental technologies, powertrain production, defensive measures against product piracy and also global production and energy-efficient production. work +49 6151 16-20102 Embedded Systems & Applications (ESA) ESA Office. +49 6151 16 20080 His emphasis on research were mainly innovative manufacturing processes, such as high-speed-cutting, production management and machine tool concepts for the realization of new technologies. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Façade Roadmap. Carl StrombergerIn 1944 Prof. Dr. Dipl.- Ing. Press Agency Dipl. Die Präsidentin der TU Darmstadt, Prof. Tanja Brühl, würdigte die Leistung des PTW und Prof. Eberhard Abele und führte auch zum Schmunzeln aller Anwesenden aus, dass das PTW nicht immer konventionelle Wege ging, sondern mit viel Kreativität einen erfolgversprechenden Weg im Regelwerk einer Universitätsverwaltung fand. In the first iteration, a feature selection process was conducted to select significant features for machine learning datasets. Institut für Produktionsmanagement, Technologie und Werkzeugmaschinen, Prof. Joachim Metternich | Prof. Matthias Weigold. The Learning Factory jointly operated with the “McKinsey & Company” consulting firm is regarded throughout Europe as a pilot model, and the experiences acquired have been incorporated by now by many other learning factories in Europe and the U.S. Ludwig von RoeßlerThe laboratory-facility was established in 1921; in the same year welding technology was added to the facility and hence to the research. 64287 fax +49 6151 16-20087, Work The choice of production oriented lectures was complemented by further lectureships. Microbial biotechnology offers novel solutions for some of the problems our society faces today, such as depletion of resource, pollution and sustainability. Without a proper laboratory, von Roessler managed to do some fundamental research on the chip formation during metal cutting. Ludwig von Roessler in 1904. Otto-Berndt-Straße 2 Eberhard Abele 1066 Stall Simulation of Wings and Engine Nacelles: Professor Dr.-Ing. Herbert Schulz was appointed chairman of the institute in December 1980. Die Sprechstunde von Prof. Keith in der Vorlesungszeit des WinSem 2019/20 findet nach Vereinbarung statt. Façade Roadmap. Organizer: Prof. Abele In production processes uncertainty has a great impact on product quality as well as production costs. The micro-tech production center opened in 2007 boasts extensive machinery and measuring technology for micro-cutting as well as generative production processes (SLM). Rolf Radespiel TU Braunschweig TU Darmstadt: Prof. Dr.-Ing. 64287 Eberhard Abele Prof. Dr.-Ing. The key objective is still to this point, promoting a close collaboration with the industry in order to guarantee an applied research. Façade Roadmap. Eberhard Abele Head of Institute, PTW, TU Darmstadt Keynote Session: 09:30 The future of powertrain – The voltage is rising! Otto-Berndt-Straße 2 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Façade Roadmap. Pfohl, E. Abele, M. Boltze, F. Brungs, C. Zuber Integrierte Entscheidung in Produktion, Logistik und Verkehr-Projekt Dynamo PLV (Integrated Decision-making in Production, Logistics, and Transport-Project Dynamo PLV) In: Forschen, Wissenschaftsmagazin der TU Darmstadt, Frühjahr 2011, S 80-85 Download Welcoming speech Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sprechstunde. fax +49 6151 16-20087, Work Otto-Berndt-Straße 2 Theodor StöferleAfter Prof. Stromberger’s retirement in 1968, Prof. Dr. Dipl.- Ing. Akademische Abschlüsse & Auszeichnungen. Member of acatech, CIRP-fellow. ETA Factory / Tu Darmstadt Prof Dr. Jens Schneider, Prof Dr. H. Gerecht, Prof Dr. E. Abele / TU Darmstadt Prof. J. Eisele Prof A. Joppin. Herzlich willkommen auf der Webseite des Instituts für Produktionsmanagement, Technologie und Werkzeugmaschinen (PTW). The Deputy Spokespeople are Prof. Riedel and Prof. Groche. The Process Learning Factory initiated by Professor Abele is much appreciated by students in the course of their practical training. 1893 decision for an introduction of a laboratory for machine tool1894-1903 Professor Heinrich Krauß The institute was founded in 1894 as the fourth chair of the department of mechanical engineering, covering the field of mechanical technology. The profile area is headed by the Spokesperson Prof. Biesalski. Otto-Berndt-Straße 2 64287 Anfragen bitte per E-Mail. After successfully studying industrial engineering at the TH (Technical University) Darmstadt and getting his Ph.D. at the PTW, he was active during 11-years in several industries at national and international production sites, and most recently he was responsible for the global production system of a mechanical engineering company. In 1954 he also became the chairman of the newly constructed laboratory. S. 99-113, Proceedings of the 12th Powertrain Manufacturing Conference - Less Resources. Prof. Ströferle argued for a practical research approach, emphasizing on the growing automation of machine tools. After Prof. Ströferle’s death in August 1978, Prof. Dr. Dipl.- Ing. Forschung für die Produktion von morgen – Herzlich willkommen auf der Webseite des Instituts für Produktionsmanagement, Technologie und Werkzeugmaschinen (PTW). 10 D-64289 Darmstadt. Work L2|01 259 Alarich-Weiss-Straße 2 64287 Darmstadt. Dipl.-Kfm. 2016/2017 president of the german academic society for production technologies (WGP). Façade Roadmap. In this field most of the remarkable research had been concentrated, due to the strong network with the industry. Theodor Stöferle succeeded and became chairman of the institute and the laboratory; continuing the work in teaching and research of his predecessor. In 1944, during World War II, the facility had been completely destroyed. Alexander Verl University of Stuttgart TU Darmstadt Prof. Dr.-Ing. Die Produktion der Zukunft steht im Fokus unserer Aktivitäten. Darmstadt, Application of microprocessors to monitor machinery, Economic efficiency in the construction sector, Research activities in the field of chip removal, Performance of linear guidance in machine tools on the later echoed numerical control of machine tools. S. 025108, ISSN 1070-6631, DOI: 10.1063/1.5141165, [Online-Edition:], [Artikel] Façade Roadmap. Dr. Oliver Maiwald Senior Vice President Technology and Innovation, Continental Automotive GmbH 10:00 Prof. Dr. Florian Steinke