The Franconian Society was founded by Dr. Paul Freiherr Tucher von Simmelsdorf on 18th May, 1984, in order to encourage interest in Franconian history and culture and to promote understanding between the German community and English-speaking residents and guests in Franconia. Hans Ernst Tucher von Simmelsdorf was born in 1611, to Gabriel Tucher von Simmelsdorf and Dorothea Tucher von Simmelsdorf (born Haller von Hallerstein). Gabriel was born in 1586. Genealogy for Juliana Tucher von Simmelsdorf (c.1495 - 1589) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. NDB 26 (2017), S. 490* (Tucher von Simmelsdorf, Johann Sigmund Karl Freiherr) The links to other persons were taken from the printed Index of NDB and ADB and additionally extracted by computational analysis and identification. Viktoria Mämpel is listed as born in La Valetta 31 Aug 1855, wedding date 19 Aug 1877. Simmelsdorf is a municipality in the district of Nürnberger Land in Bavaria in Germany. He passed away on 12 Jun 1813 in Nürnberg, Middle Franconia, Bavaria, Germany. The Tucher von Simmelsdorf family archive. Hans married Maria Helena Tucher von Simmelsdorf (born Volt von Wendelstein) in … The family's actual name is Tucher von Simmelsdorf. 25.08.2019 - The Tuchers of Simmelsdorf are an influential patrician family of the imperial city of Nuremberg , first mentioned in a document in 1309. Born in Nürnberg, Middle Franconia, Bavaria, Germany on 28 Aug 1762. It is interesting to note that in the fifteenth century AD, most of the cotton trade in Germany was controlled by the Tucher von Simmelsdorf family in the city of Nurnberg, where Tucher Castle is located. Gilbert von Studnitz Literatur. Companies in this industry hold or manage assets for the benefit of an individual or business. Jahrhundert, so der bayerische Gesandte in Rom (Quirinal) 1896-1903, Heinrich von Tucher (1853-1925), und der Bankier und Vertraute des Bundespräsidenten Theodor Heuss (1884-1963), Hans Christoph Freiherr Tucher von Simmelsdorf (1905-1968). No children are listed for this couple. The Stadtarchiv Nürnberg holds the extensive Tucher family archive with around 10,000 units under the signature E 29 on loan from the Tucher’sche Kulturstiftung (Tucher Cultural Foundation). Industry Information See trends, challenges and opportunities with similar companies in these industries. Custodial & Trust Services. Further, in Old Dutch, the word tuch means “to tug sharply”. Famous is the House of Tucher von Simmelsdorf, originating from this place. Dorothea was born in 1586. Saint Louis Art Museum, purchased from Baron Hans Christoph Tucher von Simmelsdorf [2] Notes: The three companion paintings by Jan Provost in the Saint Louis Art Museum, "Flagellation" (73:1950), "Crucifixion" (74:1950), and "Lamentation" (75:1950), share the same provenance. See full contact details. Mathias Freiherr Tucher von Simmelsdorf. Volker Alberti, Jus Patronatus. Director. Start Your Free Trial. The eponymous family seat is in 1598 from the door bolt of Riegelstein bought manor Simmelsdorf . My 1906 Baron's Gotha lists Maximilian as Imperial German consul in La Valetta, as well as being a Bavarian chamberlain and lieutenant. Genealogy profile for Juliana Tucher von Simmelsdorf. Jobst Wilhelm Karl Tucher Von Simmelsdorf had 2 children.