: shorthand and then Null Coalescing Operator / ?? It’s a one-line shorthand for an if-else statement and also called the conditional operator in JavaScript. As I will cover this Post with live Working example to develop Laravel Shorthand If And Else Assignments, so the PHP Laravel If-Else, Switch Case and shorthand Ternary operator example is used for this example is following below. and the spaceship <=> operators works in PHP. It is a conditional operator that helps in checking some conditions and doing the job accordingly. Giuseppe Kuvalis posted on 25-12-2020 php ternary-operator conditional-operator Based on the examples from this page , I have the working and non-working code samples below. How can we use Python Ternary Operator Without else? Output: Adult. JavaScript ternary operator is frequently used as a shortcut for the if statement. PHP is not the same language which was 10 yrs back. By moting1a Programming Language 0 Comments. Expression expr1 ? The downside is that it may come at a small cost of code readability. Full Information With Example and source code. If the condition evaluates to TRUE then it will return boolean value generated by the condition statement otherwise will … - The Ternary Operator is a shorthand structure that assigns different values to a variable depending on whether a condition is true or false. : provides a way to do this much more conveniently: $_GET['mykey'] ? :) is a conditional operator used to perform a simple comparison or check on a condition having simple statements. Let’s take a look at another example: Even shorter ternary operators in PHP using ? As an example, let’s consider a simple if statement. 1. The ternary operator decreases the length of the code. Both PHP and JS have their own shorthand, and the snippets below are the most used techniques I use everyday to code faster. If you don’t know what’s a ternary operator in PHP is, then you’re missing a cool feature of PHP. Elvis operator : ternary operator shorthand The ternary operator lets your code use the value of one expression or another, based on whether the condition is true or false: