Notice the use of the continue inside the inner loop. Sidenotes: It’s useful when you required to skip particular conditions in a loop like for example you want to skip an exception divide by zero. OUTER: for my $v ( @a) { for my … Two nested loops are required: one to iterate over the substring and one to iterate over the string being searched. Java Break Statement with Labeled For Loop. Whereas in the case of a while loop or do-while loop, control immediately jumps to the Boolean expression. Working of the Java labeled continue Statement. //with label inside an inner loop to continue outer loop 3. public class ContinueExample3 Python Basics Video Course now on Youtube! There are two forms of continue statement in Java. A) FALSE. © Parewa Labs Pvt. In the case of nested loops to break and continue a particular loop we should go for labelled break and continue statements. Then, the program control goes to the next iteration of the labeled statement. 4. Continue outer; . Otherwise, we output the values of i and j in each iteration. It skips the current iteration of Let’s say we have an array of integers and we want to process only even numbers, here we can use continue loop to skip the processing of odd numbers. Hence, the iteration of the outer for loop is skipped if the value of i is 3 or the value of j is 2. Continue statement is used when we want to skip the rest of the statement in the body of the loop and continue with the next iteration of the loop. The continue statement breaks one iteration (in the loop), if a specified condition occurs, and continues with the next iteration in the loop.. As the return keyword itself suggest that it is used to return something. After the continue statement, the program moves to the end of the loop. In the above example, the labeled continue statement is used to skip the current iteration of the loop labeled as first. We can see that the label identifier specifies the outer loop. These statements let us to control loop and switch statements by enabling us to either break out of the loop or jump to the next iteration by skipping the current loop iteration. Degree in Computer Science and Engineer: App Developer and has multiple Programming languages experience. Java continue statement can be used with label to skip the current iteration of the outer loop too. a label, with continue