Whether you own a previous version of the bike, have taken a test ride, or are brand new to the space, my goal is to provide an objective and honest resource. The throttle is another class of electric bikes. I broke a spoke on the rear wheel. That could explain why the battery isn’t getting the same range but might not explain the voltage drop. Can you comment on the difference between a Moscow and Moscow Plus? My friends recently took a bikepacking trip using another electric bike, and this sort of charging-on-the-go feature would be really handy. I hope this helps point you in the right direction! Lots of adjustability with the display panel, including speed, the 12-magnet cadence sensor is very…... First off, let me say that I really enjoy your thorough reviews. item 12 NCM Das-Kit 36v 48v Controller CT5-I5 for Moscow Milano Venice E-Bike Electric 11 - NCM Das-Kit 36v 48v Controller CT5-I5 for Moscow Milano Venice E-Bike Electric $50.00 0 bids 2d 20h item 13 Cyrusher Electric Bike XF800 750W 13AH/17AH 26" 48V Fat Tire Mountain Snow Bike 12 - Cyrusher Electric Bike XF800 750W 13AH/17AH 26" 48V Fat Tire Mountain Snow Bike originally made from Leon Bikes. There is a derailleur guard here too, something I love since it protects the derailleur during shipping, or if the bike takes a spill some day. Additions include: new pedals, Two high beam lights, waterproof handlebar bag, horn, phone grip, break light with turn signals, rear fender, new seat and mirror. Is it a better purchase compared to the Aventon 500? This is a very vital component every user should consider. My goal is to be transparent and unbiased, this video and written review are not meant to be an endorsement of NCM products. 30853 Langenhagen, Germany. This mountain bike is built to operate with a lithium battery that comes with a smart charger. Does the cable from the throttle go into the back of the display (there are no spare holes) or does it go directly into the control box somehow. The Moscow Plus keeps everything people love about the highly popular Moscow, and then improves them. The tires of this bike are from Schwalbe Smart Sam, suitable for all terrain. Professionals at Cyclamatic make use of quick-change Shimano gears, which enable the ebike to perform at outstanding levels. Pretty lightweight at under 60lbs total, has a responsive and aggressive ride feel, comes with…... A cross country style hard-tail e-mountain bike with 80mm suspension fork, knobby trail tires, and sturdy alloy pedals, includes a trigger throttle up to 20mph. The upside is that the motor always feels zippy, it doesn’t matter which of the gear combinations you are pedaling with. The main advantage of NCM electric bikes is the excellent price-performance-value. Sorry that these tips aren’t formatted perfectly, I’m in a hurry ;). Nakto e-bikes have a comfortable and ergonomic design that customers love. NCM Moscow 624Wh 48v/13ah. We love this product because it is easy to assemble once it is out of the packaging. This being a cross country frame style, with less rake on the fork, the wheel is fairly close to the frame and it can lead to the situation you’re describing. Pretty standard hub spacing in the front, 100mm, and there is a 9mm quick release skewer in the front, but none in the back since this is a hub-drive. For extra convenience, the cushion of this bike is made from leather. We recommend this ebike for individuals who wish to save money and look good.Â. This bike is powered by a rear hub motor battery, which comes with a strong driving force of 500W. Note that whenever you’re operating around or above 20 mph, air resistance is going to cause exponential energy draw and range will be decreased. John H. Hi John! Today we have the 19” frame with the 27.5” Schwalbe Smart Sam knobby tires. The display can show different menus if you press the set button, a nice feature to dive in a little more. Visit Moscow- see Moscow city timelapse. I did send a video I’d taken that graphically shows the issue. We love that the pedelecs are made with the highest technologies, as this translates into its functionality. A minimalist yet capable value priced hard-tail fat-tire ebike with a proficient drive train both electrically and mechanically, lower price point allows for more financial freedom to customize and add things to the bike. There are different ways to measure these things and I suspect that some companies are exaggerating the power of their products. Just bought one of these awesome machines! Hi again, I’ve been riding the bike a couple of months now and enjoying great battery life and plenty of power (and thankfully the toe strike thing is no real problem). Yeah, I’ve experienced “toe strikes” when riding bikes like this, especially with larger shoes. If you’re excited to charge while riding, I recommend using a right-angle USB adapter like this, just to keep the wires tucked in and out of the way while you pedal. Perhaps they did change something from 2018/2019 when I covered the bike. It doesn’t matter if you’re taming the commuter concrete jungle or hitting gravel trails. So the Moscow Plus here is an aluminum alloy frame hard-tail ebike that comes in 2 sizes. Their e-bikes are designed in Germany and manufactured in China. Leon Cycle GmbH. I would say that’s a nice upgrade from the 48v 13ah of the regular Moscow…that means you can go further or ride at higher speeds. I think some other companies use it too, like Magnum on their Mi6 model. 3:15. I like the size and position of the display, you can even angle it forward and back to reduce reflection glare, but it is not removable. The first class of e-bikes is the Pedal Assist Bike, which is the lowest grade of bikes. Thanks again :). Hi John, my experience riding in rain has been that most ebike products, even the cheaper ones, are highly water resistant… they should hold up alright in rain, just don’t submerge. As you shift gears, there won’t be increased mashing or forces applied to the drivetrain because the motor operates completely independently of the chain and sprockets. All in all, it is a Shimano Acera system, and you also get 8 speeds, trigger shifters, and a couple of display windows that tells you what gear you are in. Leon Cycle NCM Moscow - Ein leistungsstarkes E-Mountainbike unter 1.300 €! You can also join the Other Brands ebike forums and share your own photos, videos, and review updates to help others! Did you have enough straddle room at a stop? Some of the elements that make up electronics include the lights and display. Another feature is the high-quality gear shift and brake systems. The Ecotric ebike is our favourite from the bunch thanks to its durable constructions, affordability, and attractive design. That helps me a lot. Look out for features such as a flexible screen display, luxurious cushions, and detachable wheels, as they make your experience more attractive. We are lucky because many bikes fit people 5’5″ to 6’1″ or so and we’re right in the middle there :D. Hello I recently brought the Moscow plus e-bike but I am not satisfied with the battery because it is getting discharged quickly and when I take the bike from store the bms was 53. Electric bikes, also referred to as ebikes, have been in the industry for a very long time, and their designs have come a long way. Hi Leanne! I recommend asking for feedback in the EBR forums in the NCM section here. This bike doesn’t come with the same old frame of its predecessors; it has a bright silver finish, which has a brushed effect for better beauty. The battery is removable and resistant to water. The screws holding the rear brake disc fell out. A: Electric bikes make use of sensors and keys to operate. Once again thanks for your very comprehensive review…. 23:16. The use of this battery allows users to enjoy extended service on a single charge, usually lasting up to six hours. Customer service from NAKTO is also one of the best as the staff listens to your problems and provides excellent solutions. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Hi, in your video review the topic came up about using the NCM Moscow in snow conditions with regards to how it would hold up in salted roads and in wet conditions. Der Fahrradtyp geht i.d.R. A: Typically, the charging of an electric bike battery takes between two to four hours. NCM Bikes is a E Bike brand based in Hanover, Germany. Cyclamatic Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike, 7 This ebike is pre-assembled, so it is ready for use after your purchase. The battery pack weighs more than average at 9.2lbs, but the alloy casing is sturdy and most of the weight is kept low and center on the bike frame. Concerning the link I put in my comment, these appear to be cassettes after all… I might have got this wrong. The Nakto Foldaway Ebike is  everything you will ever need placed into a single bike entity. This will depend on the type of cell being used and its capacity. Ergonomics is also not left behind since this unit has a comfortable paddle saddle, Kenda tires, and a front suspension system.Â, NAKTO has launched its finest ebike yet. The addition of such tools also makes the unit more expensive, and sometimes bulkier. Over time, it is my understanding that any lithium-ion battery will begin to lose capacity (especially if the battery is heating up a lot). For the fastest and smoothest biking experience, we recommend the Ecotric Electric Bike. NCM Moscow Plus Review. With this ebike, you get to go without carbon, and this allows you to protect the earth and keep it green. Such versatility makes the unit suitable for both teens and adults. NCM Moscow Plus im Test: Fazit. Hope these questions aren’t too technical and that you can help in a small way. To help you make a well-informed decision, we have put together a few buying tips that you should absolutely look at. We’ve kept everything people love trail and gravel bikes and added street smarts, tech, and a little attitude to make the perfect do-it-all bike. To ensure such compactness, this unit is made from aluminum, which is both durable and utility friendly. When I tried my local bike shop, they said it was an unusual size and ended up having to order one online from Germany. Motorcycle TV. That’s why I try to leave comments open and also show how the bike rides on camera, so people can make their own judgements :). wird das Pedelec auf Amazon … No big issues so far, and I am still pleased with the purchase. It’s going to take a bit longer to fill this battery because of the higher capacity, and the charger is more basic, offering 2amp output vs. 3amp or 4amp. I love that they use a sealed external controller, this allows a lower cost for replacement batteries, and keeps the controller protected from harsh elements. Sounds like you’ve got a fun fleet of ebikes there and I hope you do find a solution :). This pack delivers electricity to the motor, but also the backlit display panel (hold the + icon to turn on backlighting), and even a full sized USB charging port on the top right side. This is not to be confused with the Moscow Plus which is an upgraded version we will be covering in another review soon. Violeta Wilburn. Doesn’t go around in both directions, maybe that’s something they changed. Hi, sorry, but I didn’t catch your name in the video review, but found it to be one of the best reviews information wise. Also enjoy the one-year warranty given by Nakto. your rating. Secondly, I've been ebike shopping for the past three years and finally made the jump for the NCM Moscow Plus 29". The two working modes of this unit allows users to conserve energy and also save money. Â. This might be a bit late, however you adjust the wheel size down and the bike will then up the speed based on that. Of course, this motor will use more power if you’re constantly starting with the throttle, but that’s a worthwhile trade for someone like myself, who has a knee injury. I’m glad that overall, you’re still happy with it. I took the pack off when moving the bike to our review location, to reduce load on my car rack. Had the bike for about 6 weeks now and have 600k on the odometer. A: Electric bikes need to be fully charged to operate. Can you assist please? but now when I am charging in the home it is showing 51. Keys are used as a form of security; thus; they're included in the design of electric bikes. NCM make great quality ebikes and this bike is no exception. Take comfort and safety to the next level with this ebike by your side. Update August 2019 – the US version NCM Moscow Plus 500w. Stopping the Moscow Plus is a set of hydraulic brakes. It sounds like you want to know what NM stands for? This great ebike is now available in the US with a higher power output 500w motor and a top speed of 20mph. Leon cycles tell me they no longer provide thumb throttles for the Eurorean market so I guess my questions are can you tell me the details of the throttle so I can source one which is compatible and will I be able to fit it on to my model? Delivery was very prompt and they arrived undamaged. Kitchenistic helps you find the latest and gratest Hope this will be helpful. NCM Moscow Electric Mountain Bike,E-Bike, 250W, E-MTB, 48V 13Ah 624Wh Battery an NCM battery kit for the NCM London Ebike. Every ride you undertake with this unit is smooth, no matter the terrain. The seat is adjustable to allow for use by both adults and teens. We will recommend this bike for people who love to travel, and those that require sturdier bike options that don’t demand too much power. I haven’t been able to take it on a serious ride yet, but on a quick test ride one thing that surprised me was how easy it was to foul the front wheel with toes when turning – is that a regular thing? I didn’t think there were any 11 tooth freewheels and only recently learned more about the distinction between a cassette and freewheel. The best part about this bike is that it allows you to enjoy dynamic cycling while increasing your riding confidence. What’s your inseam if you don’t mind saying? I learned that washing with a hose, some car soap, a rag and chamois is alright, even using car wax on bicycle paint seems to work well and protect any steel parts from rusting as quickly. NCM Moscow Plus im Test: Fazit. The Best Folding Electric Bikes (Review) in 2020, The Best Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits (Review) in 2020, The Best Bicycle Engine Kits (Review) in 2020, The Best Tandem Bike Attachments (Review) in 2020, The Best GPS Trackers for Bikes (Review) in 2020, Help us to show you You can’t change the maximum speed, but what you can do is input a smaller wheel diameter. In the rear you have an upgraded 11-32 tooth setup, so a bit better range than the standard Moscow. It has 80mm of travel, larger 30mm stanchions, and includes compression adjust, lockout, and preload adjust. The Moscow Plus features a nicer suspension fork, hydraulic brakes, more comfortable saddle, and an upgraded derailleur with more gear ranges. Video Test Drive: The 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S Is One Monster Performer The new 911 Carrera S blows us away in this episode of Pro Racer’s Take. NCM Venice Plus 28 is easy to ride and you will not be breaking a sweat. All that I can access is wheel size and battery voltage. Electric bicycles help you to cover more distance than the typical bike. However, there’s is a significant defect in the power system – if you are stationery and adjust the pedals by turning them back even a small amount, occasionally (say 1 in 10 times) the power comes on, possibly at full power. Das Fahrrad "Moscow" wurde von NCM entwickelt.NCM, eine Marke von "Leoncycle", gehört zu den erfolgreichsten Online-Fahrradhändlern in Deutschland. The Moscow Plus is the third e-bike in our family, along with a Specialized Turbo Como 4.0 and Aventon Pace 500. Cells with larger sizes take a longer time to charge fully, while the opposite happens to cells with smaller sizes. It operates with a 250W motor, six-speed gears, and a brushless gear motor for the best output. This review was sponsored by NCM. The battery gets loose after a while and starts to knock. This system makes the unit extremely durable for use on all grounds. Sorry for the delayed reply here. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The kind of bike you want to purchase will be dependent on your needs. Power wise, it can deliver up to 80nm of torque, which is quite high, but it cannot leverage gears the way that a mid-drive could. One major feature of Ecotric bikes is their ergonomic design. affiliate commission. You can swing on a commuter e-bike, cycle past the traffic jam, have no stress in finding a parking space, and arrive to work relaxed. Another upgrade here on the Plus is motor inhibitors in both brake lines. To shift between these modes quickly, you only need to press the M key. It features pedal assists, as the name describes, and these elements help riders maneuver around their locations with ease. It features all the design requirements needed for  performance. This is because they are made with motors and operate using automation. This bike is the best for night riding as it features a bright LED headlamp as well as a horn. Where as some companies are $800-$1000 range for a new battery, this keeps the NCM battery cost to around $500. Thanks to the 768 watt-hour battery, you can ride the NCM Moscow Plus (about $1599) for days on a single charge, and the ergonomic lock-on grips enhance comfort on long hauls. They're not only quicker but also a smarter travel option as they help you avoid traffic. Because they share the same frame however, you will find a lot of parallel information in this review if you read the write up on the regular Moscow. Moving the bike is done here with either the throttle or the cadence based pedal assist. As always, I welcome questions and feedback in the comment section below. Das sportlich schicke NCM Moscow Plus e-Mountainbike überzeugt durch ausgereifte Technik und qualitative Teile. Question for you on the Moscow plus mountain bike. Your second point about not being able to “around” makes sense. NCM Moscow Plus 27,5" E-Bike, Mountainbike, 48V 16Ah 768Wh Akku, matt black, blue. Install dedicated headlight with Das-kit C7? E-Mail: info@leoncycle.de To begin, just hold the power button on the little control pad near the left grip. The NCM Moscow Plus has a high capacity 48v 16ah battery, Tektro hydrauli… Why would you consider the upgrade? This system uses a motor and batteries to operate. The main advantage of NCM electric bikes is the excellent price-performance-value. NCM Bikes, founded in 2014, have quickly become one of the largest electric bike brands in Europe, the parent company, Leon Cycle GmbH is a German company based in Hanover. Hey John! Display: Das-Kit, C7B(3.0VR), LCD, 6 Levels. It is a user-friendly unit constructed with a quick-release battery system. One quick warning about charging the battery while mounted to the bike, be careful with the left crank arm because it passes directly in front of the plug port on the left and could bend or snag the charging plug and cable. 24/mai/2020 - The NCM Moscow Plus delivers outstanding performance under any conditions. hey Mark, how is the Moscow plus treating you thus far ? Hi Gary! If you wish to experience real speed in real-time, this will be the best model for you. Known Issues & Problems with NCMProducts + Help, Solutions & Fixes. For those who plan on commuting, it might be worth strapping your helmet over the display to keep people from noticing or scratching it, and also protecting it from the sun, while parked at racks. Positiv: umfangreiche Übersetzung, große Akkukapazität, praktisch: der Ständer. The lightness in weight is made possible via the use of aluminum alloy in the frame. I would say that’s a nice upgrade from the 48v 13ah of the regular Moscow…that means you can go further or ride at higher speeds. It’s best to maintain the pack above 20% and avoid extreme temperatures. Hub motors are made for climbing hills; thus, they don't overheat quickly. For exemple, a bike going 50km/h will need to draw 1500W of power and you run continuously for only 40 minutes with a 1000Wh battery. If so, with an e-bike, your commute just got better.