For support connecting console devices to the internet, please see: Because of two things. The date when this happened coincided with three things. Bungie. A reliable internet connection is required in order to play Destiny games. Stuck on connecting screen After hitting "Enter" to log in, it just sits on the connecting screen forever. Destiny 2 Steam Login Issues and Emergency Maintenance We already know that Destiny 2 will be pulled from . I have a problem with Destiny 2 just loading up for me. Long loading times and screens have always been an issue for Destiny 2, but they seem to have gotten worse during Season of Arrivals. Read the pinned threads in the bug report forums. I've been playing Destiny 2 since it first released, with few to no technical issues whatsoever. At this time, it's recommended to use another browser to link up. Firstly, it’s loading a lot of stuff (like a lot). Destiny 2's Loading Problems are Getting Out of Hand on Console. Bungie has just set up the first step in the process of both cross save and moving out of Blizzard’s basement to Destiny 2’s new PC home on Steam. Destiny 2 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Exit Steam and start it as Administrator (right click Steam.exe > Run as administrator) Run the game.exe file directly from the installation directory (this will circumvent the launcher all together) Exit Steam and remove the Paradox Launcher from the Add/Remove programs menu (Windows) and then start the game again. Destiny 2. An driver update for my GPU, a Windows 10 update, and a patch for Destiny 2. The original Destiny is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. ive noticed that it takes very long in the matchmaking in gambits,cruicibles etc.just wanted to know if it happens to everyone … Destiny 2 Stuck on "Connecting..." Screen. • [b]Displayed Account Licenses:[/b] We’ve observed reports indicating that not all [i]Destiny 2[/i] content licenses are being shown to players when preparing for PC migration. It was supposed to be removed from after it goes live on Steam. But all of a sudden, when I try to play tonight, the game will leave me stuck infinitely on the "Connecting" screen (right after you press A to launch). Last night (12hrs ago) I could log in via deleting the the cvars files in … When I start up the game on steam, usually it would sign me in, connect me in, and load up my characters. This is a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ stupid way to do things. takes forever in matchmaking . Destiny 2 is a highly detailed game that is trying to be open world. Destiny 2 players on PC can't jump in right away, unlike their console counterparts. I've got good internet so like others I wouldn't mind downloading large patches at a time, but this has been going for half an hour now and I've got 2.6GB done out of the now 9.0GB (It went up 0.2 in the space of a minute) Oh for. I can't even make it … Instead, my game seems to be on the "Connecting..." screen for a really long time. The Windows update was update 10.0.19042.541, the Destiny patch was, and my driver update was GeForce Game Ready Driver 456.38 - WHQL.