Hopefully this helps out our fellow PC guardians and allows everyone to enjoy a smooth PC release! While some Destiny 2 weapon bugs can be reproduced under similar circumstances, players report that this Witherhoard damage bug is much harder to replicate. If you’ve been playing Destiny 2 the past few weeks, you may have noticed something weird happening.. Weird, but good. Bungie.net è la dimora virtuale di Bungie, la compagnia che ha sviluppato Destiny, Halo, Myth, Oni e Marathon, e l'unico posto dove troverete le informazioni ufficiali su Bungie direttamente dagli sviluppatori. Destiny 2 Disables Exotic to Fix Major Crucible Damage Bug. Bungie has once again taken Destiny 2 offline, following fresh reports of some players losing ... Bungie Actually Explains How A Big Destiny 2 Bug Was Caused, Then Fixed. #Destiny2 #Forsaken #Morgeth bug my ASS - Warlock, kill him before 50% strength until they fix … Here you can track your Destiny 2 Stats, view your Destiny 2 Ranks, progression, match history, and more! For Destiny 2 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Obelix on Earth Bug?" However, something is wrong with the focusing system where if you go “oh great, I can focus that into a specific weapon slot or armor!” you actually…can’t. The bug involved a complicated interaction between how quests were coded for inventory management and Destiny 2’s unique server configurations. I've verified the integrity of my files and restarted multiple times. Sign in. A new issue found with a popular exotic grenade launcher has forced bungie to remove the weapon from Destiny 2 until further notice. Weird Bug Turns Grenade Launcher Into Bow In Destiny 2: ... but those were mostly resolved by the evening. It didn't even say something like "Destiny 2 has crashed, would you like to file a report" or something like that. When trying to play Destiny 2 for the first time, the "Cross Save Ready" accept/return screen appears. Megathread. Report Inappropriate Content ‎12-17-2019 06:12 PM. View our Destiny 2 Database to see all the best weapons, reviewed by players like you. Edit: This has been fixed, see below for the bug. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Bug: Destiny 2 stuck on "Cross Save" screen Jump to Best Response. © Valve Corporation. This thread is for all of you to post your performance reports and any bugs that you may find. There haven’t been any reports of anything game-breaking, ... Stranger still, the bug even turns Witherhoard into a component of the weapon you swap to, which can be … - Page 2. Need to report the video? Steam also dies on me at the same time and I lose connection to all steam services (community, download server and so on) simultanously. Sign in to report inappropriate content. Official Destiny 2 PC Bug Report / Performance Report Megathread. You might not want to look at your Destiny 2 inventory right now if you're an avid player -- you could be in for a rude shock. Destiny 2. For some reason, every time you get a … Clicking "Accept" briefly lights up the progress bar but nothing else happens. Bungie. Destiny 2 Bug Report PC (Infinite Loading screen, Crashes, Freezing) Hello guys, I'm new to the PC Gaming world (I recently bought a laptop for both studying and gaming) and I wanted to try out Destiny 2 since it was free on Steam, here are my specs: shattered throne bug If you examine the statue after beating the first boss the game crash A moderator of this forum has marked a post as the answer to the topic above. However I recently updated my GeForce Game Ready driver, so that could be the cause but I've never seen updating a driver have a … Warning: it’s about to get a little bit technical. 83,568 views. Your Destiny 2 Profile also has all your guardians and what gear you have equipped! Transcript; Add translations. I am having No JOY at trying to resolve this.For the last week I have been getting the above (as have Others) codes. While this is great in that players can always expect new stuff every Tuesday, it also comes with its downsides. Destiny 2 is rolling back the game’s servers for the second time every due to a re-emergence of the same bug that deleted everyone’s cash last month.. Destiny 2 is a game with weekly updates. Destiny 2 was officially announced in February as part of the Activision Blizzard earnings report. Destiny 2. The final quest in Destiny 2: Beyond Light's Season of the Hunt has a major bug in it, but Bungie has the solution - "slow down." I hoping someone will be able to shed light on this. The Coup De Grace … Luke Plunkett. Welcome to the Destiny Universe PC Guardians! Bungie. BUG REPORT: Destiny 2 crashes/overloads steam ... all the while spamming the "contacting destiny 2 servers" message.