The drive to Wasserauen (foot of Ebenalp where Wildkirchli-Äscher is located) took us 1.30 hours. Schon seit einiger Zeit geistern unzählige Bilder vom Berggasthaus Aescher durch die Internet-Welt. You're facing an uphill climb of 1275 vertical meters on this hike. After we were done resting and had our toilet breaks, we started to move towards Wildkirchli-Äscher. Berggasthaus Seealpsee – Äscher – Ebenalp – Schäfler – Mesmer – Berggasthaus Seealpsee E 9°24.862 N 47°17.004 9000 St. Gallen Anfangs geht es noch über Wiesen, später durch den Wald immer im Zick-Zack bergab. In der Nähe der Awand stürzt ein 65-jähriger Mann aus Deutschland rund 50 Meter ab und verstirbt. Die idyllische Lage, das saubere Wasser sowie zwei Berggasthäuser machen den Seealpsee zu einem der beliebtesten Ausflugsziele im Alpsteingebiet. Alternatively it’s a 2h 30min hike from Wasserauen via Seealpsee to the Aescher. We were trailing behind a group of loud hikers. Just occasional groups passing by. Does it always has huge crowd on normal days? 10:03 am, […] station besides one guy who shared the cable car with us. Ebenalp - Wildkirchli - Ascher - Schafler - Mesmer - Seealpsee - Wasserauen Hiking trail in Äscher, Kanton Appenzell Innerrhoden (Switzerland). The starting point is reachable by train – convenience, the route is easy and it is popular – read about it online numerous time. If you click on the expand button, it will lead you to Google Maps where you could download or zoom in on the map. After an initial climb, you reach picturesque Lake Seealpsee with the majestic Säntis in the background. Die Wanderung und vor allem das Bergrestaurant Äscher-Wildkirchli lohnt sich auf jeden Fall und empfehle ich Jedem. The ascent from Lake Seealpsee to Äscher really puts you through your paces. 8 führt in steilen Serpentinen hinunter zum Seealpsee. 5:09:31 Moving time: 2:10:14. The hike around the lake gives you plenty of time to admire the beautiful scenery. View our Strava stats | Print the Map | View it Google My Map. Ebenalp-Schäfler-Öhrligrueb-Säntis-Lisengrat-Rotstein-Meglisalp-Wasserauen Dauer: 8 h … list you read online. Gefühlt jeder Landschaftsfotograf und jeder Wanderer hat bereits Bilder am Ufer des Sees aufgenommen immer vom ewig-gleichen Winkel. Wähl einfach deine Lieblingstour und leg los. From the top of the Ebenalp cable car, we followed trail #1 about 600 m to the iconic restaurant on the side of the cliff with amazing views of the surrounding mountains.To reach the lake, we continued down on #8, following signs to Seealpsee on a steep mountain with switchbacks.It’s about 2 km to reach the lake, which took our crew about 1hr30. Wasserauen - Ebenalp Ascher - Seealpsee Lake is a 5.5 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Weissbad, Inner Rhodes, Switzerland that features a lake and is rated as moderate. frauhallo Der anspruchsvolle Wanderweg Nr. Dann schau dir unsere Sammlung von Touren in dieser wunderschönen Region in Appenzell Innerrhoden an. It was quiet(er) as there weren’t many people. liegender See im Alpstein. The hike around the lake gives you plenty of time to admire the beautiful scenery. Destination: Seealpsee (1141 m) & Wildkirchli-Äscher (1477 m) Starting point: Wasserauen (868 m) Elevation: est 1043 m Distance: est. Die Wanderung Ebenalp – Wildkirchli – Äscher – Seealpsee – Wasserauen können wir sehr zum Nachwandern empfehlen. Let’s have a little courtesy towards each other when we are in public, shall we? Fazit Wanderung zum Äscher-Wildkirchli. 5:09:31 Moving time: 2:10:14 free Finally, after the Äscher mountain restaurant, a rocky path leads on up to the Ebenalp, where you are treated to fantastic views. We HAVE to check it out! Share. Download its GPS track and follow the itinerary on a map. 180 Grad gedreht. Wir beraten Sie gerne vor Ort zu vielen weiteren Wandervorschlägen. Das im Jahre 1846 erbaute Berggasthaus Aescher liegt im Schweizer Kanton Appenzell Innerrhoden, im Bezirk Schwende. Zusammengefasst: Hammer Wanderung, super Aussicht, Postkartenmotive und too many people. See this Tour and others like it, or plan your own with komoot! Das Panorama des Bergsees ist fantastisch! Wasserauen - Seealpsee - Ebenalp - Distance: 7.17 km - Elevation: 1010 hm - Location: Schwende / Kanton Appenzell Innerrhoden / Schweiz - Wandermap is one of the largest collections of hike routes on the web. Mit der Luftseilbahn von Wasserauen auf die Ebenalp. There are 2 choices of route to Seealpsee. so we abandoned the plan and went to Appenzell town to eat ice cream. One route is along the street where cars are allowed. Soon we left the field and heading closer to Seealpsee about 30 minutes walking. Ausgangspunkt der Wanderung ist die Seilbahn-Bergstation auf der Ebenalp (Talstation: Wasserauen). I say No because there are many SAC cabin in the Swiss Alps that are even more beautiful. By the time we finished our lunch, the crowd has increased by the numbers and getting loud. 913 hm. I’ve been checking online posts about Seealpsee and Wildkirchli-Äscher and I am really surprised that nobody mentioned about the crowd. frauhallo Hiking Appenzell, Switzerland, Wanderweg 1. Depending on the season and weather conditions, this route may be blocked or interrupted, Berggasthaus Äscher Der Weg vom Äscher bis zur Seealp ist mit der nötigen Vorsicht zu begehen. Stop and get fresh goat cheese at the farm. We stopped for a little snack on the higher ground where we have a good view of people passing by. The challenging mountain hike from Wasserauen up to the Ebenalp offers spectacular views of this fascinating hiking area. Wasserauen – Seealpsee – Äscher – Ebenalp The hike begins at Wasserauen railway station and leads first up quite a steep path to Lake Seealpsee. An enjoyable tour includes the careful planning of the same. Ebenalb, Aescher, Seealpsee, Meglisalp, Wasserauen - BERGFEX - Wanderung - Tour Ostschweiz Sommer Schweiz / Ostschweiz / Touren / Wandern / Wanderung Schweiz / Ostschweiz Length … This path is narrow, quite steep and sometimes skirting along the cliff side. As a starting point or as a grand finale we can recommend a stop at our LOKI, the converted train carriage in the garden of Wasserauen train station. From there you follow Ebenalp - Wildkirchli - Äscher, in … Nach unserer angenehmen Übernachtung im Säntis-das Hotel sind wir gestärkt für die Wanderung von der Ebenalp zum Aescher Wildkirchli und weiter bergab zum Seealpsee. Advice: Don’t believe the Top 10 etc. Schweizer Reisekasse (Reka) Genossenschaft, Wildhaus. Mighty rock formations up to more than 2,500 metres high tower up as if from nowhere. I have never see so many people in the mountains. The cable car takes you back down into the valley to Wasserauen in just a few minutes. 6.5 km  Duration: est. Wanderroute 8, anspruchsvolle Wanderung. 5:09:31  Moving time: 2:10:14. 24. 11. The ascent from Lake Seealpsee to Äscher really puts you through your paces. Da wären die Aussichten von der Ebenalp, die Wildkirchli-Höhlen, das Berggasthaus Äscher und der idyllische Seealpsee. Download its GPS track and follow the itinerary on a map. Elevation meters not correct. +41 (0)800 100 200 30 Although we only had fries and beers, I was peeking at the meals ordered by next tables and they look good. Contrary to Thursday when we hiked to Seealpsee & Wildkirchli, this time it was quiet and nice. Erste 1200m steil und mühsam. Bevor man den Abstieg von rund 500 Höhenmeter in Richtung Seealpsee in Angriff nimmt, lohnt ein Abstecher zum nahen Wildkirchli. May 7, 2020 - A hiking guide for the trail from Wasserauen to Ascher to Ebenalp to Seealpsee. 6.5 km Duration: est. We could hear their seriously loud voices 50 meters after we overtook them. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Today is the second time we attempted Wildkirchli-Äscher, dubbed Top 10 most beautiful places in the world. This hike by far beat the record. Von dort führt ein relativ steiler gesicherter Bergweg hinab zum Seealpsee. We sat down and had a small snack because we found a free bench (how lucky!). Wasserauen – Seealpsee – Äscher – Ebenalp The hike begins at Wasserauen railway station and leads first up quite a steep path to Lake Seealpsee. Below is the summer hiking map for this area., Ostschweiz Tourismus Spektakulär erscheint das an die Felswand gebaute Berggasthaus. Switzerland, Phone  If you want to hike on, take the little trail to the right after the the lake and head up that way. Dahinter posiert der mächtige Säntis. We arrived around 09:00ish. Fürstenlandstrasse 53 E 9°24.862 N 47°17.004 . Wasserauen - Seealpsee - Wildkirchli-Äscher, Oberblegisee - Glarus, Switzerland - The Hallos. This open field was a small one. We passed many nice people who greeted us. Am Seealpsee 2 Restaurants zur Auswahl. 2.5 Stunden) Den Seealpsee kenne ich von den unzähligen Fotos auf Instagram. Der Seealpsee ist ein auf 1'143 m.ü.M. Mann stirbt bei Wanderung vom Äscher zum Chobel. Hike routes can be mapped or uploaded from GPS devices. Wanderkarten: Eine super Übersicht bieten die Wanderkarten auf der Webseite von der Ebenalp: Link zur Wanderkarte. The crowd was unbelievable. Although the trail was nice and beautiful, the crowd was overwhelming. I particularly love being in the woods in this time of the year. Nach dem Wildkirchli führt der Weg östlich der Felswand entlang, vorbei über eine hölzerne Galerie, zum Berggasthaus Äscher (+41 71 799 11 42). Immer wieder taucht es auf Listen auf, die spektakuläre Orte präsentieren. We tried to hike up Wildkirchli-Äscher the first time last year but we couldn’t find a car park (can you believe it?) Ebenalp – Äscher – Seealpsee - Wasserauen Hiking trail in Äscher, Kanton Appenzell Innerrhoden (Switzerland). More. As we exit the jungle, we came to an open field surrounded with magnificent mountains on our left and right. SwitzerlandMobility Map: This element is not accessible for disabled people. (Local fees may apply). Der Rest zu Fuss als gemütliche Wanderung bei schönstem Herbstwetter! Der Seealpsee ist in etwa 50 Minuten zu Fuss von Wasserauen, der Endhaltestelle der Appenzeller Bahnen, auf einem steilen, asphaltierten Weg zu erreichen. Wegbeschrieb. Few days ago, while we were cracking our heads where to go hike during Auffahrt (Ascension of Jesus) public holiday, I suggested to go Wildkirchli-Äscher because trust me, I was really curious about this place which are plastered all over the internet. Du suchst die besten Touren zum Wandern rund um den Seealpsee? Das Berggasthaus Aescher-Wildkirc… The lake is beautiful there are boats. We took the Ebenalp cable car, then walked down the mountain to the cafe... the cable car ride was very scenic and fun, the walk down easy, if now and again you had to watch your footing, you go past the cows grazing with their clanking bells, past the paragliders charging off the side of the mountain!! Der Bergwanderweg zum Seealpsee ist deutlich anspruchsvoller wie der Aufstieg. Initially, we decided that it might be too crowded due to the public holiday but after some thoughts, we predicted that most people would be going to church on this day so off we head to Appenzell to hike to Seealpsee and from then to Wildkirchli-Äscher. The cable car runs every 15 minutes so we didn’t have to wait long. Alpine Wanderung. Höhepunkt der Tour ist aber das Bergrestaurant oben am Äscher. Have you been to Wildkirchli? Das Hochplateau der Ebenalp ist ein Teil des Alpsteinmassivs, das sich im nordöstlichen Appenzellerland erhebt. There were already some crowds but still plenty of parking space. 9057 Weissbad 2:15 h. 188 hm. Eine Wandergruppe ist am Samstagnachmittag vom Äscher in Richtung Seealpsee unterwegs. We went up with the cable car from Wasserauen to Ebenalp. Ab Klein-Hütten bis zum Seealpsee dann gerade. Detailed maps and GPS navigation for the hike: "Wildkirchli /Seealpsee – Berggasthaus Äscher Loop from Schwende" 03:33 h 8.20 km Till next time! valid: 09.01.2021 - 30.04.2021, PageTypes.DataPages.RoutePage.KeyValueListLabel. Wanderroute: Ebenalp Aescher Berghaus Seealpsee Wasserauen (Zeitbedarf: ca. This makes the hike one of the 10 hikes with the most ascent in Switzerland. The Ebenalp is also a hot spot for paragliding. The woods was beautiful with waterfalls and moss covered rocks. We were wrong. People were resting and sitting on the field outside the restaurant. From there we started our hike. Die anspruchsvolle Bergwanderung von Wasserauen hinauf zur Ebenalp ermöglicht grandiose Einblicke in diese faszinierende Wanderregion. Von Wasserauen mit der Ebenalpbahn bis zur Bergstation und zu Fuss 15 Minuten zum Aescher durch die Wildkirchlihöhlen oder von Wasserauen via Seealpsee in 2 Stunde und 30 Minuten zum Aescher. Wir haben 20 Wanderungen rund um den Seealpsee für dich ausgesucht. This route takes about 1 hour to Seealpsee but we took the second route which is longer, about 1hr 30min through the woods because walking on the street is no fun. We passed so many that we got tired of saying “Grüezi” . However the downside of the routes heading to Seealpsee and Wildkirchli-Äscher is that there were too many people (to our liking). 6.5 km Duration: est. Correct: +620m / -1270m. Von der Bergstation kann man einen 15-minütigen Abstecher zum Wildkirchli mit seinen prähistorischen Höhlen unternehmen. An dieser Stelle haben wir ausgeblendet, dass wir nach der Wanderung noch rund 5 Fahrstunden nach Zermatt vor uns haben. I do understand why the route is crowded. Diese Bergab-Wanderung trumpft mit vielen Höhepunkten auf. +41 (0)71 793 92 23 Take the service road up to the Seealpsee lake. Website, holiday apartment The sky was clear and the surrounding mountains are showing off […]. Appenzell, Switzerland, Wanderweg Three Lakes Tour: Seealpsee – Fälensee – Sämtisersee is among the 3 best rated Hikes in Switzerland. 1, Destination: Seealpsee (1141 m) & Wildkirchli-Äscher (1477 m)  Starting point: Wasserauen (868 m) Elevation: est 1043 m  Distance: est. Appenzell Wanderung – Wildkirchli – Berggasthaus Äscher – Seealpsee. We headed to Ebenalp to take the cable car down to Wasserauen where we parked our car. The restaurant looked full from the outside. Please inform yourself in advance at the local information center about the route and weather conditions. A place where we seek for peace and calmness but we found none today. You will need good and stable footwear. We were in Säntis last week and saw Seealpsee from the peak of Säntis. The trail offers a number of activity options. They are not always true. You should try this restaurant if you are visiting Seealpsee. Nach dem Wildkirchli führt der Weg östlich der Felswand entlang, vorbei über eine hölzerne Galerie, zum Berggasthaus Äscher. Visit cliff-side restaurants, epic viewpoints and a pristine alpine lake. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. 28th February 2018 @ Wildkirchli /Seealpsee – Berggasthaus Äscher Loop from Schwende is an intermediate Hiking Tour. 41-Jähriger zu Tode gestürzt. As we head to Seealpsee, we decided to stop over at Berggasthaus Forelle to have some beers and the best fries we’ve had in a while. Startpunkt Bahnhof Wasserauen (PP gratis!). From Seealpsee it will take you 1-1.5 hours to reach the top and enjoy a delicious swiss lunch at the Äscher. Profile correct! I must say that landscape is beautiful despite the noise that we didn’t like. Destination: Seealpsee (1141 m) & Wildkirchli-Äscher (1477 m) Starting point: Wasserauen (868 m) Elevation: est 1043 m Distance: est. Hiking Soon we reached Wildkirchli-Äscher. Nach einem ersten Aufstieg wird der malerische Seealpsee erreicht. Should it be in the Top 10 most beautiful/fascinating/interesting place to visit? The route we took were steep and slippery from the wet mud but it was manageable. Aber besser wohl unter der Woche, denn es hatte schon verdammt viel Fussvolk unterwegs. Funny thing is that my in laws do not know about this place until I told them what I read online. This isn’t something we particularly fancy because hiking is a therapy for us. Very easy. Kleinkinder sollten an einem Seil gesichert werden. The hike takes you to an elevation of 1,864 m. You shouldn’t forget to bring your hiking boots. The undisputed highlight of this hike, however, is the Äscher mountain restaurant, which is perched precariously on the base of a 100-metre-high vertical ledge. We saw many paragliders having the time of their life enjoying the peacefulness up in the sky. 7 nights, 7 Nights in holiday apartment, No board, Entrance to indoor swimming pool, Sport & Games, WLAN, free... Price Information for "Pure Winter experience". Hiking, Hiking Essentials, Product Reviews, Oberblegisee - Glarus, Switzerland - The Hallos Ebenalp–Füessler–Altenalp–Mesmer–Meglisalp–Seealpsee–Wasserauen Dauer: 6 h, 14.4 km. Today is the second time we attempted Wildkirchli-Äscher, dubbed Top 10 most beautiful places in the world. Beim Äscher hat man die Möglichkeit sich im Restaurant oder im Kiosk zu verpflegen. Nowhere else in Switzerland is the change from the hilly landscape of Central Switzerland to the craggy Alps so abrupt or impressive as in the Alpstein area. Share. Dieser Weg führt von der Bergstation zum Wildkirchli und dann an steilen Hängen entlang zum Seealpsee und von dort nach Wasserauen. After a tour round the lake a rocky mountain path from Seealpsee to Äscher will follow. The mountain path ascends steeply along the slope. Einfache Wanderung im Alpstein im Appenzellerland zum malerischen Seealpsee. Auf einer Seehöhe von 1.454 m bietet es neben dem beeindruckenden Standort und der magischen näheren Umgebung, eine herrliche Aussicht ins Appenzellerland.