15 Then when I had raised a new army at Cabeira and engaged with Lucullus with varying success, scarcity once more attacked us both. . 11 #  You saw with what passion Lucullus last year assailed Lucius Quintius; what tempests are now roused against me! “Sallust’s Political Career.” Studies in Philology 51 (1954): 1–14. [1.13] {1.16M}   L  From that time onwards the conduct of our ancestors declined, not slowly as previously, but like a torrent. Most of them are relatively short, but all the longer fragments are translated here. [3.34] {3.48M}   { The speech of the tribune Macer: }   L  #  If you did not realize, fellow citizens, what a difference there is between the rights left you by your forefathers and this slavery imposed upon you by Sulla, I should be obliged to make a long speech and to inform you because of what wrongs, and how often, the plebeians took up arms and seceded from the patricians; and how they won the tribunes of the commons as the defenders of their rights. Verily, such an act is much nearer the condition in which he now finds himself than are peace and concord to civil arms. They also spread saffron on the floor, and prepared everything as if it was in a renowned temple. 5 All these things that caricature of Romulus holds in his possession, as if they had been wrested from foreigners; and not content with their destruction of so many armies, consuls, and other leading men, whom the fortune of war had swept away, he grows more cruel at a time when success turns most men from wrath to pity. [ 5 lines missing ] . [3.84] {3.88M}   L  From his earliest youth, Pompeius had been persuaded by the flattery of his supporters to believe that he was the equal of king Alexander. For of a truth Nature has appointed one and the same end for all, even for those encased in steel, and no one awaits the last necessity, daring nothing, unless he has the heart of a woman. Catilina 26 Addeddate 2011-07-08 23:07:19 Call number 13 The laws, the courts, the treasury, the provinces, the kings, in fact, the power of life and death over our citizens are in the hands of one man. Above him was L. Fabius Hispaniensis, a senator who had been proscribed. [3.79] {3.83M}   L  #  And so they reclined to eat. They declared that the men had yielded their country, their child-bearers and their freedom; and so the wives were leaving breast-feeding, childbirth and the other roles of women to their husbands. 9 Nearer Spain, so far as it is not in the possession of the enemy, either we or Sertorius have devastated to the point of ruin, except for the coast towns, so that it is actually an expense and a burden to us. . Are these the rewards for wounds and for so often shedding our blood for our country? An XML version of this text is available for download, with the additional restriction that you offer Perseus any modifications you make. Their hill was surrounded by sea on both sides and to the rear, and [in addition] the front was narrow with a sandy approach; and they [had fortified it] with a double wall. 22 It is because of acts like these that I rest my greatest confidence in the victorious army, which has gained nothing by so many wounds and hardships save a tyrant. # You ask for a second consulship, as if you had ever given up your first. 11 But I took vengeance for the wrongs inflicted upon me; I drove Nicomedes from Bithynia, recovered Asia, the spoil taken from king Antiochus, and delivered Greece from cruel servitude. 4 For what did their forefathers defend against Pyrrhus, Hannibal, Philippus and Antiochus, if not our liberty and our own hearthstones, and our privilege of submitting to nothing but the laws? After a few days had already been spent inconclusively, the Ligurian forces [withdrew] into the Alps. Vol. Besides, when he sat down a statue of Victory was let down by a rope, which placed a crown on his head with the mechanical sound of thunder; and when he arrived he was greeted with incense, like a god. . Der folgende Text (Sallust, De coniuratione Catilinae 52-53) ist zu interpretieren. 22 Nor are these self-styled defenders of liberty, many as they are, ashamed to need one man before they dare to right a wrong or to defend a right. 9 On the death of Sulla, who had imposed this infamous slavery upon you, you believed that your troubles were ended; up rose Catulus, a tyrant far crueller than Sulla. [1.9] {1.11M}   L  #  The Roman state reached the peak of its power in the consulship of Ser.Sulpicius and M.Marcellus {51 B.C. . Thereupon the Romans followed me, or rather followed their custom of overthrowing all monarchies, and because they were able to keep from action a huge force hemmed in by narrow defiles, boasted of the results of Tigranes' imprudence as if they had won a victory. they turned onto an impassable route. From dread of a similar fate, envoys soon arrived from Isaura Nova to seek peace; they promised to give hostages and to obey all commands. }, when all Gaul this side of the Rhine, between the Mediterranean and the Ocean, had been conquered - except for the areas which were impassable because of swamps. . 3 By the immortal gods! and this is not difficult if you on the side of Mesopotamia and we on that of Armenia surround their army, which is without supplies and without allies, and has been saved so far only by its good fortune or by our own errors. [ 2 lines missing ] . gaius sallustius crispus De Catilinae coniuratione [1] Omnis homines, qui sese student praestare ceteris animalibus, summa ope niti decet, ne vitam silentio transeant veluti pecora, quae natura prona atque ventri oboedientia finxit. The ditches were half filled by the large number who were killed, but the rest escaped safely because it was difficult to pursue them by night and the Romans were afraid of ambushes. 3 For if I am a traitor to you, and although twice born into this state {Cotta was "reborn" when he was allowed to return from exile}, hold cheap my country's gods, my fatherland, and its highest magistracy, what torture is enough for me while I live, and what punishment after death? Wearied with writing letters and sending envoys, I have exhausted my personal resources and even my expectations, and in the meantime for three years you have barely given me the means of meeting a year's expenses. 4 From early youth I have passed my life before your eyes both as a private citizen and in office; those who needed my voice, my counsel, my purse, have had them. At that patience of yours, citizens, I cannot sufficiently marvel; for you knew that your hopes had often been disappointed. Perseus provides credit for all accepted changes, storing new additions in a versioning system. Sallust: Catilinarische Verschwörung (Archäologie: Abriss der römischen Sittengeschichte, Sall.Cat.5,9-13); Lateinischer Text und deutsche Übersetzung Nos personalia non concoquimus. . 12 Therefore the other struggles, inspired as they were by licence, by hatred, or by avarice, blazed up for a time only; one issue only has persisted, which has been the aim of both sides and has been taken away from you for the future: the tribunician power, a weapon given to you by your ancestors, with which to defend your liberties. . A. Novokhatko’s Moscow Ph. Sed in iis erat Sempronia, quae multa saepe virilis audaciae facinora conmiserat. Citizens were not called "good" or "bad" according to their public conduct, because in that respect they were all equally corrupt; but those who were wealthiest, and most able to inflict harm, were considered "good" because they defended the existing state of affairs. some one of you will say. Octavius was slothful and negligent; Cotta was more active, but with his political ambitions and natural lavishness he hoped to gain the favour of individuals . 6 Why need I enumerate our battles or our winter campaigns, the towns which we destroyed or captured? fighting . 20 The Romans have weapons against all men, the sharpest where victory yields the greatest spoils; it is by audacity, by deceit, and by joining war to war that they have grown great. ., who was in command of the army, sent a legion although he despised his foolishness; and that was considered a sign of his own wisdom. Es ist ebenfalls nicht gestattet die Übersetzungen an anderer Stelle zu veröffentlichen. 5 I recovered Gaul, the Pyrenees, Lacetania, and the Indigetes; with raw soldiers and far inferior numbers I withstood the first onslaught of triumphant Sertorius; and I spent the winter in camp amid the most savage of foes, not in the towns or in adding to my own popularity. 21 Following their usual custom, they will destroy everything or perish in the attempt . It is vain for you to attempt to avoid them and to look for peace and prosperity, when all the provinces and realms, all lands and seas, are devastated or exhausted by wars. Then at a given signal, towards the end of the second watch, they went into battle on every side at once. But those who lauded the great deeds of the Aemilian family, and the clemency which had made the Roman people great, said that even then Lepidus had taken no decisive step, although he had taken up arms on his own responsibility to crush out liberty; and thus while seeking power or protection for themselves each of them perverted the public counsels. These men have made themselves a stronghold from your spoils, while in the meantime you, like so may cattle, yield yourselves, a multitude, to single owners for use and enjoyment; and that, too, after being stripped of every privilege which your forefathers left you, save that by your ballots you may yourselves choose, as once your defenders, so now your masters. Therefore they first began a war with Philippus, king of Macedonia, having pretended to be his friends as long as they were hard pressed by the Carthaginians. . Stung by these [taunts], the young men ignored the decrees of their elders . Catilina de salluste by Présenté par Paul Delacroix and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at AbeBooks.com. }, and after it Gaius Curio was long enough your master to cause the death of a guiltless tribune {Sicinius}. About the second watch of the night they all went out of their camp in silence, leaving behind one trumpeter. 10 You are our only resource; unless you come to our rescue, against my will, but not without warning from me, our army will pass over into Italy, bringing with it all the war in Spain. The Bellum Catilinae is often read alongside Cicero's First Catilinarian in 3rd year… The enemy, a cowardly race of poorly-armed Greeks and Africans, did not resist them any further. [2.69] {2.87M}   L  #  . 4 And naturally enough, for since his robberies have made him consul, his acts of sedition have given him a province and an army, what might he not have gained by good conduct, when you have rewarded his crimes so generously? 16 That supreme power of the consuls, and those potent decrees of the senate, you yourselves ratify, citizens, by executing them; and you hasten voluntarily to increase and strengthen their despotism over you. that they would [earn the hatred of the inhabitants], who had been cruelly attacked [and slaughtered] . Everywhere men and women came together along the streets and houses to watch him as he passed by. Furthermore, old age, which is in itself an affliction, redoubles my anxiety, since it is my wretched lot, when near the end of life, not even to be able to hope for an honourable death. For after having exposed me, in spite of my youth, to a most cruel war, you have, so far as in you lay, destroyed me and a faithful army by starvation, the most wretched of all deaths. [2.82] {2.98M}   L  { The letter of Pompeius to the senate }   #  If I had been warring against you, against my country, and against my fathers' gods, when I endured such hardship and dangers as those amid which from my early youth the armies under my command have routed the most criminal of your enemies and insured your safety; even then, Fathers of the Senate, you could have done no more against me in my absence than you are now doing. and so they should [leave as quickly as possible]. 3 O ye good gods, who still watch over this city, for which we take no thought, Marcus Aemilius, the lowest of all criminals - and it is not easy to say whether he is more vicious or more cowardly - has an army for the purpose of overthrowing our liberties, and from contemptible has made himself terrible! Sallustius Sallust history geschiedenis Catilina Iugurtha. Surely I have committed a crime too great to be expiated by all the torments related of the Nether World. that if they were spared a siege, they would in a few days' time agree to enter into an alliance; previously they had hesitated whether to join him or Pompeius, because of the fluctuating peace. 17 Do you not know that the Romans turned their arms in this direction only after Ocean had blocked their westward progress? . 10 Behold, here I stand, Gaius Cotta, your consul! 5 And yet all the others who were elected to maintain your rights have been led by personal interest, by hope, or by bribery to turn all their power and authority against you; and they consider it better to do wrong for hire than to do right without recompense. In the meantime our revenues, made scanty and uncertain by war, barely suffice for a part of our expenditures; hence the fleet which we keep upon the sea is much smaller than the one which formerly safeguarded our supplies. 5 In fact, the Romans have one inveterate motive for making war upon all nations, peoples and kings; namely, a deep-seated desire for dominion and for riches. Sallust, 86-34 B.C; Sallust, 86-34 B.C. Or if you prefer liberty and justice, pass decrees worthy of your reputation, and thus increase the courage of your brave defenders. Amazon.in - Buy De Coniuratione Catilinae / Die Verschworung DES Catilina book online at best prices in India on Amazon.in. “ Quantum ingenio possum. . Sallust is the earliest known Roman historian with surviving works to his name, of which Catiline's War (about the conspiracy in 63 BC of L. Sergius Catilina), The Jugurthine War (about Rome's war against the Numidian King Jugurtha from 111 to 105 BC), and the Histories … When these had overcome me along with my country, when in need of others' help, I looked for still greater calamities, you, fellow citizens, gave me back my country and my fathers' gods, and added to them your highest mark of distinction. Meanwhile he gave a conciliatory reply to their envoys and said that the surrender could be arranged more easily when everyone was present. 6 Nay, he alone of all within the memory of man has devised punishment for those yet unborn, who are thus assured of outrage before they are of life. Furthermore, he declares that the republic cannot be established, and war ended, unless the commons are forever driven from their lands, the citizens cruelly plundered, and all rights and jurisdiction, once belonging to the Roman people, placed in his own hands. . See key to translations for an explanation of the format. D. dissertation (2003). Such counsellors advise you to keep peace with him and encourage him to make war upon you. Nothing was sacred or inviolable to these men, who had the savagery of barbarians and the temperament of slaves. . The women, unable to dissuade them, separated from their husbands and seized a very secure stronghold near (?) The Histories provided a detailed account of Roman history from 78 to 67 B.C, in five books. But, while the fugitive slaves were engaged in these activities, some of the Roman soldiers were ill from the oppressive autumn climate; none had come back from the previous rout, even though they had been sternly ordered to return; and those who remained were shamelessly avoiding their military duties. Gain the protection of Cethegus and the other traitors, who are eager to renew the reign of pillage and fire and once more to arm their hands against our country's gods. . The armed men rushed out of the ships in skiffs or by swimming, and some of them were carried by their boats onto the shore, which was full of sea-weed. and praised [what he directed them to do]. seemed to be the best plan. Although they have not survived intact, about five hundred fragments have been preserved in excerpts or quotations by later writers. But, by Heaven! Die Verschwörung des Catilina [Sallust] on Amazon.com.au. In addition, [disputes arose] between the different classes [during this year]. . 24 Because success is a wonderful screen for vices; but let a reverse come, and he will be despised as much as he is now feared. Wenn du die Website weiter nutzt, gehen wir von deinem Einverständnis aus. 5 For such favours I should seem hardly grateful enough if I could give my life for each one of you. 15 mb, 6 x 9 in., 22Aug18) Above is a link to the 1st edition of Sallust's Bellum Catilinae. I do what our ancestors often did in adverse wars; I consecrate myself and offer my life for my country. These are the men who rouse rebellion after rebellion, war after war, followers now of Saturninus, then of Sulpicius, next of Marius and Damasippus, and now of Lepidus. 15 If you are men, is anything left to you except to put an end to oppression or to die valiantly? Lateinischer Text: Deutsche Übersetzung: Bellum Catilinae: Kapitel 9: Igitur domi militiaeque boni mores colebantur; concordia maxuma, minuma avaritia erat; ius bonumque apud eos … 19 If this is your intention, if such torpor has stolen upon your spirits that forgetting the crimes of Cinna, upon whose return to our city the flower of this order perished, you will nevertheless entrust yourselves, your wives, and your children to Lepidus, what need is there of decrees? Thus the condition of my army and of that of the enemy is the same; 7 for neither is paid and either can march victorious into Italy. . . Nowadays peace and harmony are disturbed openly, defended secretly; those who desire disorder are in arms; you are in fear. }, who were greatly agitated by Pompeius' letters and messages, both because of the interests of the state and because they feared that, if he led his army into Italy, they would have neither glory nor position, used every means to provide him with money and reinforcements. Publication date 1875 Publisher Lipsiae, Teubner Collection robarts; toronto Digitizing sponsor University of Toronto Contributor Robarts - University of Toronto Language Latin Volume 1. 25 If this seems to you to be peace and order, show your approval of the utter demoralization and overthrow of the republic, bow to the laws which have been imposed upon you, accept a peace combined with servitude and teach future generations how to run their country at the price of their own blood. heavy mostly . Any comments. 13 I pray you consider how the order of things is inverted; formerly public mischief was planned secretly, public defence openly; and hence the good easily forestalled the wicked. [ 2 lines missing ] . Although I was separated from their empire on every side by kingdoms and tetrarchies, yet because it was reported that I was rich and that I would not be a slave, they provoked me to war through Nicomedes. 10 Why should I mention my own case? [1.6] {1.10M}   L  #  At the proposal of Clodius, this Cato was sent to Cyprus, to administer the estate of king Ptolemy, who had left the Roman people as his heir after his death. He proposed a law to reclaim the money, which Sulla had remitted to those who bought the possessions {of proscribed men}. the more eagerly you seek peace, the more cruel will the war be, when he finds that he can more safely rely upon your fears than upon the justice and righteousness of his cause. Chr., † 78 v. Chr. [4.1] {4.1M}   L  #  It is uncertain whether his colleague Cn. Neither the provinces, nor the laws, nor your country's gods tolerate you as a citizen. 12 A great part of our allies and of the people of Latium to whom you gave citizenship in return for distinguished services are robbed of it by one man, while a few of his minions, as a recompense for their crimes, have seized upon the ancestral homes of the guiltless commons. The paperback is available on Amazon for 14.95 USD. [1.12] {1.12M}   L  #  When the threat from Carthage had been removed, they were free to resume their quarrels. 6 Therefore they have now, one and all, submitted to the mastery of a few men, who, under the pretext of carrying on a war, have taken possession of the treasury, the armies, the kingdoms and the provinces. De Coniuratio Catilinae – Bellum Catilinae. their journey . Then, having forged an unnatural will, they led his son Aristonicus in triumph like an enemy, because he had tried to recover his father's realm. Die Verschwörung des Catilina GENERAL BIBLIOGRAPHY PUBLICATIONS Bellum Catilinae. His quaestor C. Urbinus and some others recognised what he wanted, and whenever they invited him to dinner, they were more lavish than is usual for Romans or indeed for any mortal. . . 23 Unless perhaps they took the field to overthrow the power of the tribunes, which their forefathers had established, and to rob themselves with their own hands of their rights and their jurisdiction; richly rewarded, no doubt, when, banished to swamps and woods, they find that insult and hatred are their portion, that a handful of men gain the prizes! The numbers in Maurenbrecher's edition are shown in green. # The taking of the enemy's camp at Sucro,   # the battle at the river Turia, and the destruction of Gaius Herennius, leader of the enemy, together with his army and the city of Valentia, are well enough known to you. An Interpretation of Sallust’s Bellum Catilinae 48.4–49.4.” Ramus 15 (1986): 105–21. Gaius Sallustius Crispus (kurz: Sallust) lebte von 86 v. Chr. 10 There was an outbreak in the consulship of Brutus and Mamercus {77 B.C.}   |   Sallust’s character analysis of Caesar and Cato Minor 95 Execution of the conspirators, Dec. 5: ad Baculum Argumentum. Then he advised them to go off into more open countryside, richer in cattle, where they could increase their numbers with picked men, before Varinius returned with a new army. 21 For with the exception of his crime-stained minions, who is on his side or who does not desire a complete change, retaining only the victory? Since Spartacus could not stop these [outrages], he earnestly begged them to forestall the news of what they had done, and quickly . 14 During the delay caused by my siege of Cyzicus with a great army provisions failed me, since no one in the neighbourhood rendered me aid and at the same time winter kept me off the sea. 7 You must rouse yourselves, fellow citizens, and resist the tyrant, in order that he may not possess your spoils. Bellum Catilinae - Libro unico - Libro 25 - Traduzione 4. Sallust: Catilinarische Verschwörung (Catilinas Charakter, Sall.Cat.5); Lateinischer Text und deutsche und griechische Übersetzung, Catilinas Charakter Nos personalia non concoquimus. 7 Next Perseus, the son of Philippus, after many battles with varying results, was formally taken under their protection before the gods of Samothrace; and then those masters of craft and artists in treachery caused his death from want of sleep, since they had made a compact not to kill him. 20 But now I care no longer what you think of him, but what you dare; for while you are all waiting for someone else to assume the lead, I fear lest you may be caught, not by his forces, which are insignificant and degenerate, but through your own indifference, which allows him to continue his course of rapine and to seem fortunate in proportion to his audacity. . Let there be an end to crime and outrage; of which, however, Sulla is so far from repenting that he counts them among his titles to glory, and, if he were allowed, would more eagerly do them again. But . The Corsicans say that the Balari were refugees from Pallantia, others that they were Numidians, and some think that they were Spaniards from the army of the Carthaginians. 14 What are you waiting for, unless perhaps you are ashamed or weary of doing right? Neores did not assist either side with provisions, and they both suffered from lack of food. . That I cannot do, since life and death are subject to natural laws; but to live unashamed among one's fellow citizens, and with unblemished reputation and fortune, is something that may be given and received. 12 Only bear in mind that it was not for crime or avarice that I was put to death, but that I willingly gave my life as a gift in return for your great favours. Without warning, he occupied the sacred mountain of the Great Mother, from where missiles could be hurled towards the top of the town. Every part of the town had been flooded, when the adverse swell of the sea had forced the drains to overflow. . 15 Then (not to attempt to urge you to those manly deeds by which your ancestors gained their tribunes of the commons, a magistracy previously patrician, and a suffrage independent of the sanction of the patricians) since all the power is in your hands, citizens, and since you undoubtedly can execute or fail to execute on your own account the orders to which you now submit for the profit of others, I would ask you whether you are waiting for the advice of Jupiter or some other one of the gods. He had at his command the kingdom of Ariobarzanes, unravaged by war, while I, since all the country about me had been devastated, withdrew into Armenia. . . He sent his cavalry up [a hill which rose] nearby, to seek out and quickly [pursue the enemy]. 21 A new army is ready, besides the colonies of veterans, all the nobles, and the best leaders; fortune attends the stronger; soon the forces which our negligence has assembled will melt away. . Then the next consuls, Lucius Lucullus and Marcus Cotta {74 B.C. And I was not unaware of their design, but I had previously given warning of what afterwards happened, both to the Cretans, who alone retained their freedom at that time, and to king Ptolemy. 10 There was an outbreak in the consulship of Brutus and Mamercus {77 B.C. 9 Therefore, Fathers of the Senate, take heed, I beg and implore you, and do not allow the licence of a crime, like a madness, to infect those who are as yet sound. 2 But in these present troubles it is different, and along with Fortune everything else has deserted me. 4 I admit that I entered upon this war with more zeal than discretion; for within forty days of the time when I received from you the empty title of commander I had raised and equipped an army and driven the enemy, who were already at the throat of Italy, from the Alps into Spain;   # and over those mountains I had opened for you another and more convenient route than Hannibal had taken. But Varinius, when it was now fully light, noticed the absence of the slaves' usual taunts, of the showers of stones thrown into the camp, and of the shouts and din of men [rushing all around]. It is your task to find someone to whom you may entrust the state; 11 for no good man will desire such an honour, when one must render an account for the vagaries of fortune, for the uncertainties of the sea, and for war brought on by others, or else must die a shameful death. ; Batstone, W. “ Incerta pro certis. This pdf includes the 121-page commentary with introduction and glossary. . Textzusammenfassung appeliert an die Moral der Senatoren erinnert sie an mos maiorum Ende von Caesars Rede mit dem entgültigen antrag auf Haft statt auf Hinrichtung mit Bezug auf Lex Porcie römischer Staatsmann und Feldherr, * 138 v. by [intolerable] shortages in the [corn supply]. On the contrary, despised, held unworthy of a share in the state, they are regarded as plunder, since fear makes them sue for peace, which fear had made them lose. To prevent them changing their mind about sending [hostages], he advanced to their walls as quickly as possible with all his forces. 20 Surely it is in vain that he and other good citizens are taking thought for the republic. . . [ 3 lines missing ] . Once vagabonds without fatherland, without parents, created to be the scourge of the whole world, no laws, human or divine, prevent them from seizing and destroying allies and friends, those near them and those afar off, weak or powerful, and from considering every government which does not serve them, especially monarchies, as their enemies. . Maecenas, the other secretary, was on the bottom couch, in between Tarquitius and Perperna, who was the host. [X.12]   L  He was full of anger and grief at the loss of such allies. For when the wicked are rewarded, it is not easy for anyone to be virtuous without price.